Understand (and inform others) why your data deserves your attention! 

In the world of fundraising, data analysis is a tool of potentially enormous power, but one that is widely under-utilized. This paper makes the case that all nonprofits should commit to supporting their fundraising activities by adopting best practices in data analysis to guide both strategic decision making and tactical operations. It articulates the key advantages of doing so and begins exploring the first steps for fundraising teams to take in becoming more quantitively oriented.

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About the Author

Mary Hackett is the founder and principal of Ravela Insights, a comprehensive fundraising operations consultancy that helps nonprofits utilize data, tools, and processes to maximize revenue.

In her 15 years as a fundraiser, Mary held leadership positions with the Humane Society of the United States (Washington, D.C.), Boys & Girls Clubs of King County (Seattle), and Swedish Hospital Foundation (Seattle). It was while working with these institutions that she learned the value of healthy data and the impact of data-driven decisions.

In 2013, Mary launched Ravela Insights in an effort to address the systemic data issues that plague the nonprofit sector. Mary helps clients with database audits; data migrations; custom reporting; database set-up; policies, procedures, and processes; prospect identification; and building coding structures. She also partners with select fundraising consulting firms to ensure their clients have the operational support they need. Her tools and expertise can be found at work at The Alford Group (Chicago/Seattle), DeLauro & Associates (San Diego), Skystone Partners (Cincinnati), Schultz & Williams (Philadelphia), and The Petrus Group (Omaha).

Mary earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Dayton and an Masters degree from Gonzaga University. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Aaron, and dogs, Matt and Debra; exploring the West Coast from her home base in Bend, Oregon; and reading, practicing yoga and hiking. 

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